纽约金融服务部虚拟货币许可证在纽约州宣布拒绝应用Bittrex Inc.Any虚拟货币兑换的应用后,在帝国的应用程序中进行虚拟货币业务。The NYDFS virtual currency license, or BitLicense, is notoriously difficult to obtain, having been granted to only 19 companies since it was implemented in July 2014. Although all BitLicense application denials are technically publicly available (but not published), the announcement of Bittrex’s application denial in such a public way is a first for the regulator. The rejection letter states that “Bittrex has failed to demonstrate responsibility, financial and business experience, or the character and fitness to warrant the belief that its business will be conducted honestly, fairly, equitably and carefully. . . .” The denial, coupled with the requirement that Bittrex immediately close up shop in New York, marks a very public rebuke of the exchange, which Bittrex met with a prompt and strongly worded response of its own.

BitTrex于2015年8月10日提交了其Bitlicense申请。2019年4月10日,纽约州纽约州纽约州宣布拒绝Bittrex的申请。纽约允许Bittrex在一个安全港口条款下的三年和半年的申请流程中运作。According to NYDFS’s public rejection letter, the prolonged application process culminated in a four-week on-site review of Bittrex’s operations by NYDFS in February 2019. As a result of the on-site review, NYDFS rejected Bittrex’s BitLicense application based primarily on “deficiencies in Bittrex’s Bank Secrecy Act (BSA), Anti-Money Laundering (AML) and Office of Foreign Assets Control (OFAC) compliance program; a deficiency in meeting the Department’s capital requirement; and deficient due diligence and control over Bittrex’s token and product launches.” This long list of deficiencies, after such a long and laborious application process, appears at odds with the Department’s statement that “throughout Bittrex’s application process, the Department worked steadily with Bittrex” to address deficiencies in some of the very same areas found to be deficient during the February 2019 review.

根据拒绝信,Bittrex拥有大约35,000名基于纽约的用户,现在必须找到一个新的交易交易。这不会是一项简单的任务,因为Bittrex是一个市场领导者,列出了它的交换中的212个数字资产。通过比较,2017年1月收到其Bitlicense的斗鸡酶列出了其交易所的六种数字资产(不包括Coinbase Pro上市的数字资产)。